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Chimney liners Boston

In years gone by chimneys were simply built. There was no chimney lining and the smoke and fumes would simply get sucked up the chimney flute with the debris left to line the chimney walls. In the early 18th Century, there were no companies like Chimney Liners Boston with proper safety equipment, and there were no chimney liners.

The sad reality is that the in the 18th Century the job of chimney sweep was done by young boys because they were the only ones small enough and flexible enough to crawl in and out of confined spaces. In the 18th Century, there were no such things as chimney liners or chimney liner repair companies like Chimney Liners Boston so the soot and smoke and other substances would just flow straight through the chimney with a large proportion of it sticking to the chimney walls. 

With the lack of chimney liners and professional chimney liner cleaning companies such as Chimney Liners Boston the soot and other cacogenic residues would simply stick to the walls of the chimney which was a health hazard for those cleaning the chimneys. In those days there was no safety equipment like that used by modern companies such as Chimney Liners Boston    and the children would sweep the chimneys while breathing in toxic chemicals.

The rate of cancer back then was high but of course nobody knew that because cancer wasn’t a recognized disease. The chimneys sweeps would often experience acute respiratory disease and experience eye problems and allergies not to mention deformation of their bones from being confined in cramped spaces.

Chimney liners were first invented in the 1940’s but professional chimney liner companies like Chimney Liners Boston did not come into being until the 1960’s. In the 1960’s the federal government passed a law in the form of building codes which stated that all new chimneys built must include a chimney liner. This caused a sudden increase in chimney liners and chimney liner repair and cleaning companies like Chimney Liners Boston.

What is a chimney liner and what does it do?
A chimney liner also referred to as a chimney flute is material that connects to a stove or a fireplace or whatever instrument is connected to the chimney and runs up the chimney. It literally acts as a lining for the chimney. The chimney liner helps the chimney work more effectively and draw the fumes and smoke through the chimney.

A chimney liner also helps protect the masonry walls of the chimney by stopping the soot and other chemical residues from clinging to the walls. However, chimney liners of course get dirty themselves and when this happens it’s best to call in professional cleaners like Chimney Liners Boston who with their specialized equipment can clean the chimney liner quickly and safely, restoring them back to optimum working condition.

One of the most important features of Chimney liners is that they protect the chimneys stone masonry. Liners help absorb the heat and prevent the chemicals from being absorbed by the stone masonry of chimneys. Chimney liners are made from special material that handles heat and chemicals and is easy to clean by professional chimney liner cleaners such as Chimney Liners Boston. Chimney liners not only protect the masonry but they also protect any woodwork that is in the chimney.

Lastly, chimney liners help appliances like wooden stoves perform at optimum capacity and it may be instrumental in stopping leaks of poisonous gas like carbon monoxide. Chimney liners can be safely installed and maintained by professional chimney liner companies like Chimney Liners Boston.
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