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Chimney repair Randolph

The famous physicist Isac Newton sated as his third law “To every Action there is always an equal Reaction.” Newton was talking about motion however his theory also bears true in many other areas. For example, human beings invented the fire and shelter to keep warm, but the fire produced smoke so we then invented the chimney to draw the smoke from inside the shelter.

Being a manmade structure chimneys are subject to wear and tear so the next step in the action, reaction process was chimney sweeps and specialist chimney repair companies like Chimney Repair Randolph.

Chimneys Defined
A chimney is best defined by what it does. A chimney is a manmade structure designed to draw smoke from a fire out of human living areas. Typically, chimneys will be cleaned and maintained by chimney sweeps and professional chimney repair companies such as Chimney Repair Randolph.

Chimneys are vertical structures that are placed above devices such as boilers, furnaces, stoves and fireplaces or any device that produces smoke or gas. Chimneys can become damaged which is when people will utilize the services of Chimney Repair Randolph.

Parts of a chimney
A chimney is essentially composed of seven different parts. The first part and arguably the most important part of any chimney, is the chimney flue. The flue is the chimney shoot that smoke and other gasses produced by fire, travels through.

Soot and other chemicals can build up and cause damage to the chimney. As a general rule of thumb, a flue should be inspected and when necessary repaired by chimney experts like Chimney Repair Randolph once a year.

Chimney liner
The chimney liner as the name suggests is a conduit that lines the inside of a chimney. The purpose of the chimney liner is twofold: Firstly, chimney liners contain combustible products and expel them to the outside environment, and secondly, chimney liners protect chimney walls from getting damaged by corrosion and heat.

Obviously chimney liners are an important part of a chimney and it is a good idea to get the chimney liner checked out annually by a professional chimney company like Chimney Repair Randolph.

Chimney liners are designed to protect combustible sections of a house and even the chimney itself from exposure to intense heat. It is important that the liner is an exact fit for whatever heat generating device is attached to the chimney, and of course for the chimney itself. Specialist chimney repair companies such as Chimney Repair Randolph can inspect, identify and repair any defects or damages in the chimney liner.

The chimney cap. 
Just as a baseball cap fits on top of your head and protects it from the elements, a chimney cap fits on top of the chimney and prevents elements such as rain and snow from entering inside the chimney. Chimney caps do not come standard with a chimney, instead they must be installed by a reputed chimney company such as Chimney Repair Randolph.

Chimney caps perform several other important functions including, preventing downdrafts and stopping debris or stray animals from entering the chimney. Chimney caps contain a wire mesh that prevents hot embers from drifting out of the chimney and possibly starting fires. If the chimney mesh gets damaged or needs repairing, it’s time to call Chimney Repair Randolph.

The metal flashing 
Metal flashing is metal that is layered over the section where the roof and the chimney meet. The metal flashing can be damaged and if this happens it is essential to have it fixed by professional repair people like Chimney Repair Randolph.
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