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Chimney sweep Braintree

Julie Andrews in the movie Mary Poppins sang Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim cher-ee

A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be”. This romanticized view of the chimney sweep job was enchanting but far from realistic. In fact, before the advent of modern-day companies like Chimney Sweep Braintree the job of chimney sweeping was not only dirty but also dangerous.

Back in the 18th Century chimney sweeps were young boys chosen from work houses or sold to master chimney sweep by parents who couldn’t afford to feed them. Young boys from 5 years old to 11 years were chosen because they were small enough and flexible enough to crawl through the confined spaces inside the chimney.

In the present-day chimney sweeping is conducted by professional, trained personnel working for qualified chimney sweep companies like Chimney Sweep Braintree.

What is a chimney sweep and what does a chimney sweep do?
The original definition of a chimney sweep was a person who cleans/ sweeps soot off the inside of a chimney. However, as the role of chimney sweeps has developed, so has the definition. A modern-day chimney sweep will work for a professional chimney sweep company such as Chimney Sweep Braintree and the job will include removing not only soot and ash but also other chemical residues and conducting chimney inspections.

In the modern-day environment people working for chimney sweep companies such as Chimney Sweep Braintree will also be called upon to inspect chimneys and make repairs.

Gone are the days when a chimney sweep will crawl up inside the chimney and scrub the chimney sides by hand. To clean a chimney a chimney sweep will typically use a long metal rod with a brush head attached that has metal bristles. The chimney sweep from Chimney Sweep Braintree will stand on the roof next to the chimney and extend the brush down the chimney. The brush will then be rubbed against the side of the chimney removing ash and soot that has stuck to the chimney walls. Chimney sweeps from companies such as Chimney Sweep Braintree will also have professional equipment such as masks, goggles and gloves to avoid making contact or breathing in the soot and ash.

Chimney inspections
Chimney sweeps are conducted by professional chimney sweeps who are appropriately qualified and are familiar with the local government codes. The chimney sweeps will lay drop clothes inside your home to protect the interior from any material that may fall down the chimney during the cleaning process. A chimney sweep from a professional company such as Chimney Sweep Braintree will also provide you with a detailed job report so you will know exactly what has been done and when it will need to be done again. The report will also note any damage and provide a quotation for repair.

There are three different levels of chimney inspection and these are:
  • Level one inspection: A level one inspection conducted by Chimney Sweep Braintree will involve inspecting the condition of the chimney and identifying any potential problem areas.
  • Level two inspection: If a person is selling a house with a chimney, they will often call in a professional to inspect the chimney. This inspection will include a detailed report and a video inspection.
  • Level three inspection. When conducted by a professional chimney sweep from a company like Chimney Sweep Braintree a level three inspection will include a thorough examination of the walls behind the chimney as well as the chimney walls themselves.
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