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Chimney sweep Randolph

Back in the 18th Century chimney sweeps were mostly male children from the ages of 5 to 11. The children at this age were under developed and small boned which meant they were able to get into and clean small confined spaces. At this time there were no companies like chimney sweep Randolph and the children who were either orphans or sold by their destitute parents, all worked for chimney masters.

In 18th Century England chimney sweep masters who have been replaced by companies like chimney sweep Randolph would use orphan boys, workhouse boys, or boys who were sold by their parents because they couldn’t afford to feed them, to perform the chimney sweep duties. The chimney sweep masters in European countries such as England, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy would belong to trade guilds which were the antecedents of modern-day chimney sweep companies such as chimney sweep Randolph.  

The health risks for chimney sweeps.
Being a chimney sweep has never been a healthy job, but people working for professional chimney sweep companies like chimney sweep Randolph who have the right safety equipment and expertise, are a lot better off than chimney sweeps back in the 18th Century.

In the 18th Century when there were no companies like chimney sweep Randolph two factors combined to make the job of chimney sweep more of a health hazard. The first factor was when people started burning coal in their fires instead of wood. Burning coal produced substantially more soot than burning wood and this meant more exposure to cacogenic substances such as soot. Back in those times there was no chimney sweep liners which help the chimney sweeps of today working for a professional chimney sweep company like chimney sweep Randolph.

Secondly, in the 18th Century the English government introduced a chimney tax. The tax was based on the number of chimneys in a building and to avoid the tax people would build multiple flues all leading into one chimney. Unlike the flues of today which are cleaned by professional chimney sweeps like those at chimney sweep Randolph the chimneys of yesteryear were dark, confined, small and thoroughly covered with a thick layer of soot.

Because the chimney sweeps were being exploited in slave like conditions, rather than working for a company like chimney sweep Randolph which looks after its employees, the chimney sweeps of old worked in hazardous conditions and were exposed to severe health risks.

Health risks facing chimney sweeps.
Chimney sweeps are continually exposed to cacogenic substances such as soot and smoke, which can potentially lead to respiratory disease, skin irritation, allergies, and eye damage. However, in today’s environment chimneys all have chimney liners, the chimneys are much wider and easier to clean than the chimneys of old and modern companies such as chimney sweep Randolph equip the chimney sweeps with effective safety gear.
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