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Masonry Randolph

Masonry is basically building using stone, clay, bricks or concrete and in modern times this definition has expanded to include the pouring and laying of concrete. Masonry has a long and interesting history, and the first examples of masonry date back to prehistoric times.

Masons working for companies like Masonry Randolph work with a variety of material including rocks such as granite and limestone and shale and other materials such as clay, bricks and concrete.

Masonry tools
Masons working for companies like Masonry Randolph will use a wide variety of tools ranging from everyday hand-held tools through to specialist machinery. For example, a mason will use tools like hammer and chisel as well as mallets and gouges. Then when required a mason from companies such as Masonry Randolph will use machinery like circular saws, lathes, sanding machines and molding machines.

Modern day masons employed by masonry companies like Masonry Randolph will often, also be familiar with the use of the machinery used for handling stone that is on the building site. This will mostly involve block and tackle machinery and cranes.

Why people use masonry
The ancient Romans were famous for their architecture which was marked by their use of curved arches and their ability to create these arches was because of the flexibility of the masonry (clay bricks) they were using.  

Architects like to utilize masonry supplied by companies such as Masonry Randolph because of its color options, its texture and its weight bearing strength. Masonry also has high absorption of sound capabilities it insulates against temperature variations and it is fire resistant.

There are a number of other advantages associated with masonry including:
  • Masonry does not combust which means it is fire resistant and offers excellent protection from fire.
  • Masonry has a high resistance to damp and rotting. Masonry is hardy material that is resistant to pests, and extreme weather conditions.
  • Masonry used by professional masonry companies such as Masonry Randolph is highly valued for the various appearances it gives the exterior of buildings.
  • One of the key advantages of masonry is its strength and ability to bear weight. This allows items such as stone and bricks to be packed on top of each other.
  • Masonry increases a buildings capacity to absorb, conserve and let out heat. Put another way masonry directly effects a buildings thermal mass.
  • Masonry has longevity and in general a longer lifespan than most other materials
  • When builders such as Masonry Randolph use masonry it adds to a buildings value.
  • Masonry cannot be destroyed by insects like termites
  • Masonry is a cost effective
The two main types of masonry
When it comes to constructing buildings there are two main types of masonry and these are brick and stone.

Brick masonry has several advantages including:
  • It is easy to apply brick masonry and the process does not require a degree in rocket science or highly skilled laborers.
  • Bricks make a lightweight dead-load and they are less expensive than stones or concrete blocks and easier to transport. For this reason, professional masonry companies like Masonry Randolph will often use brick as the masonry material of choice.
  • Bricks are easy to build with and you can incorporate openings for windows and doors.
Stones are another common material used for masonry by companies like Masonry Randolph because:
  • Stone masonry has high durability and its strong and resistant to extreme weather.
  • Stone cannot be bent or dented so it is recommended for high traffic areas.
  • Stone has a pronounced aesthetic appeal 
  • Lastly stone does not damage easily so it requires very little maintenance and only irregular repairs.
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