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Humans have been engaged in masonry for thousands of years and the first signs of masonry are clay huts that date back to prehistoric times. Fast forward to the 4th millennium BCE and the Egyptians were using advanced masonry to build the pyramids. The Egyptians utilized several techniques and their methods still form the basis for masonry used by modern day companies such as Masonry Weymouth.

Since the suburban revolution in the 1950’s the most common use of masonry for professional Masonry companies like Masonry Weymouth and for individual builders has been building residential houses.

What material is used by masons is ordinarily decided by what is available in the local environment. For example, the Egyptians would use granite and limestone which they mined from the surrounding environment. Masonry can be done by unqualified individuals or it can be done by professional companies such as Masonry Weymouth

Some statistics
There are currently an estimated 95,000 independent masonry companies and the total revenue for the masonry industry in America is estimated to be close to $30 billion and the industry has grown at a rate of 1.2% since 2017.  The masonry sector is composed of professional Masonry companies like Masonry Weymouth and it’s ranked as the 21st largest sector in the construction industry and the 336th largest business segment in the American economy.

The advantages and disadvantages of masonry
There are several advantages to using masonry, some of which are included below:
  • The non-combustible properties of masonry means that it makes a building more fire resistant.
  • Masonry doesn’t rot, it is resistant to pests such as termites, and also resistant to rising damp. Masonry is strong and resistant to extreme weather.
  • Masonry structures have an aesthetically flexible appeal. Professional masons employed by companies like Masonry Weymouth can advise you on how to get a specific appearance for a building
  • Masonry is high tactile strength and durability which means it can support compressive weight loads.
  • Masonry increases a buildings thermal mass.
  • Structures and buildings constructed by professional masons such as those working for Masonry Weymouth will have a longer lifespan than other building types.
  • Masonry can increase the resale value of a building
  • Masonry is a comparatively cheaper construction method in terms of labor and material costs
Masonry is regarded as the best way to add splendor and eye-catching beauty to a construction, which is perhaps why professional masons working for companies such as Masonry Weymouth are in constantly high demand.

The different material types of masonry
The most common masonry is brick masonry and one of the advantages is that it is an easy process which just about anyone can engage in. That said if you have a specific design in mind or your construction job will involve challenging conditions like height it is always best to utilize the services of a professional mason from companies like Masonry Weymouth.  

The second common type of masonry is stone masonry. The major advantage of stone masonry is that it is extremely durable and is the best material to use when constructing in an area that is subject to extreme weather conditions.  

Professional masons working for companies like Masonry Weymouth will veer towards stone for areas that experience high traffic and for areas that require a certain aesthetical look. Lastly, because stone is such a strong material it requires virtually no maintenance or repair.
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